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Gamuda Cove Centrum | European-inspired commercial hub

Cove Centrum: New & Exciting European-Inspired Commercial Hub

Discover Gamuda Cove Centrum, an iconic European-inspired commercial hub comprising of homes, retail shops, and work spaces. We saw this…

What you should know about us

We are Home Buyers too!

Our reviews include our own personal thoughts and opinion as home buyers. We go deep into how each space/feature works or don’t work for a typical Malaysian home buyer.

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Not an advertisement

We are not paid to do any of these reviews at the time of writing because we want our views and opinion to be independent. We tell you the facts based on our research.

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We tell you EVERYTHING

Everything you need to know about the property, including detailed project info, floor plan, and price. We try our best to keep our information updated. We want you to feel comfortable making an enquiry after you have all the information you need.

How are we incentivized?

We make a small referral fee for any successful sale resulting from enquiries. Thus we tell you everything you need to know, and we will be happy if you enquire and eventually make a purchase. If not, it is okay – we are happy our information helped you.