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Gamuda Cove Price

Gamuda Cove price list starts from approximately RM650K for the double-storey terrace houses while a 2-bedded serviced apartment starts from approximately RM350K. The price is dependent on the type of property, land size, built-up, location, orientation and other factors.

As prices change without prior notice, we recommend speaking to an authorized sales personnel which we can refer you for precise pricing information. At the enquiry form below, enter your information, and we will arrange for the team to revert with full details for your consideration. 

Latest Gamuda Cove Price List

Below are the updated and latest prices of properties in Gamuda Cove. Please note that the prices are for your reference and may differ from the actual purchase price due to various reasons.  While we strive to keep all information up-to-date, there will be instances that discrepancies will occur.  For current pricing info, drop us an enquiry and we will direct you to the authorized sales personnel from Gamuda. Please use the below price list as indicative prices. NOTE: All prices are gross price (not taking into account promotion, discounts, rebates or HOC discount, if any).  Bumiputra purchasers are also entitled to additional discounts.

gamuda cove areca terrace house

Palma Sands | Areca 20″x70″
Intermediate – from RM760K Corner – from RM1.15 M

gamuda cove breeza

Palma Sands | Breeza 22″x75″
Intermediate – from RM898K
Corner – from RM1.26 M

gamuda cove palma sands costa

Palma Sands | Costa 22″x75″
Intermediate – from RM1.18 M
Corner – please enquire

gamuda cove delta

Palma Sands | Delta 28″x65″
Intermediate – from RM1.37 M
Corner – from RM1.77 M

gamuda cove maya bay residences

Maya Bay Residences
Serviced Apartments
from RM350K

wetland estates gamuda cove malaysia

Wetland Estates
The Heron
from RM9M

wetland estates gamuda cove malaysia

Wetland Estates
The Waterlily
from RM2M to RM4M

gamuda cove enso woods type A

Enso Woods Type A
From RM670K

gamuda cove enso woods type B

Enso Woods Type B
From RM730K

gamuda cove enso woods type B

Enso Woods Type C
From RM950K

gamuda cove enso woods type C

Enso Woods Type D
From RM1.2 Million

enso wood at gamuda cove

Enso Woods Type E
From RM1.00 Million

All prices are subject to changes without prior notice. Please treat the above prices as references and indicative prices. Accurate pricing is available via enquiry.

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