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Waterfront Estates

Waterfront Estates

The luxury homes in Gamuda Cove named Waterfront Estates (now renamed as Wetland Estates) are literally what the name suggests – these homes enjoy the waterway at the doorstep of their homes in a private cul-de-sac area within Gamuda Cove.  These homes are now available for registration, so drop us an inquiry for front row seats to detailed information of Waterfront Estates.

gamuda cove waterfront estates now wetland estate

Waterfront Estates (now Wetland Estates)

If the 28 feet wide terrace home doesn’t whet your appetite, then the Waterfront Estates homes probably will.  These homes enjoy the best location and fronts of the waterway, giving you an exclusive view every day.  Private homes awaiting discerning owners to live in – are you one of them?


Indicatively, prices of the homes in Waterfront Estates start from RM2 Million, up to RM9 Million depending on the type of homes, sizes, etc.

Location of Waterfront Estates

gamuda cove location map in south klang valley

Drop us an enquiry and we will link you to an authorized sales professional from Gamuda Cove to reach out to you.